Dear Mum,

I never mean to cause you harm

I never mean to break you down

The look of alarm on your face

As if my mouth was a firearm

Shooting daggers of hate

My mind’s telling me you think I’m a mistake

When you say those words you don’t mean

You don’t realise how they make my heart ache

When I was younger I was your lil Queen

But then I lost my worth, as I lost my words

We don’t talk anymore

My mouth sealed you dont know the password

I wish we could forget the past

When I go out without telling you

I know, I should of asked

When I blame you for my inconveniences

Not living up to my brother

I dont belong in this family of geniuses

I’m not the daughter you expected

Cos in this family I feel my feeling are

Disconnected, neglected

In this family I feel rejected

But Mum,

I never meant to stop talking

I never meant to shut you out

I just felt that the person I needed wasn’t there

For me to let it all out

But I want to stop this all now

Before it gets out of hand

I want to thank you

For never letting me crash land

Your my knight in shining armour

An uncut diamond

And a charmer

Your an angel, a peaceful white dove

And you’ll always be,

my first love